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“Once Upon A Time In San Francisco” Film and Graphic Novel Trilogy Commence Production


San Francisco, CA. (January 25, 2021) Fog Town Films and Creator/Writer/Producer Michael X are adapting the script of the historical epic, action, adventure and martial arts thriller “Once Upon A Time In San Francisco ” for the graphic novel.


Episode I, “The Black Hatchet” tracks the guilt driven 19 year-old cowboy ferociously hunting for his shanghaied sister while mercilessly punishing the Hatchetmen who stole her by raining the Barbary Coast alleys with their blood and body parts.


The Black Hatchet’s odyssey features: a culturally and gender diverse cast set in the gaudy Victorian era, quirky allies, sadistic enemies, secret societies and heroic female nurses plus:


+ Blood-spattering-limb-butchering-Chinatown-Barbary Coast-back-alley-White-Crane-Kung-Fu-mêlées.

+ Cannons bombarding Fireman battling the raging inferno carrying out dramatic rescues.

+ Lorna, the nurse who patches up the Black Hatchet and becomes his girlfriend who performs a tracheostomy on her Hatchet Man abductor, then takes over Harbor Hospital performing surgeries in a time when woman were not allowed to be doctors or surgeons

+ The Black Hatchet's Chinese White Crane mentor known as the Werewolf Monk who is covered in fur like hair.

+ Pirate tunnels that lead to an underground lagoon of giant beasts, gold rush ships, treasure and the Gator Tong Hideout.

+ The 100 year-old Gator Tong leader Jinrong's man-eating alligator pool under his office trap door.

+ A 7,000 MPH earthquake POV roller coaster ride from inception to devastation as it rips apart the city.

+ Stunning Russian Hill panoramas from BAiley Millard's villa of San Francisco before, during and after it shakes and sears to near annellation.


Creator Michael X says, “It’s an R-rated, ‘jet-fueled’ script with ‘compelling’ plotlines, ‘high-stakes, life or death’ action plus numerous ‘twists, turns, misdirection’s and cliff hangers’ that’ll keep audiences on the edge of their seats from the first frame to the nail-biting end.


“Think ‘John Wick’ with a ‘Fist of Fury’ melded with ‘Django’ and ‘The Punisher’ running amok with two razor sharp hatchets in “Gangs of New York” except it’s the debaucherous and lawless 1906 Barbary Coast,” adds Michael X.


“For the Black Hatchet it’s a personal reckoning. We’re just along for the ride. He’s focused on saving his sister, not the world. But the benefits to his crusade are liberating lots of girls from sex slavery and dismembering so many Hatchetmen he halts their global human trafficking ring.


“For the citizens, he’s a no name vigilante wielding black blades of justice, but to the Tongs he’s an ancient warrior reincarnated to collect their wicked souls,” elaborates Michael X.


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