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Fog Town Films and Award Winning Filmmaker Michael Trachiotis aka Michael X offer original and alluring stories that reflect diverse cultures, genders and races in: Action, adventure, drama, thriller, suspense, mystery, fantasy, supernatural, horror, science fiction, noir, inspirational and coming of age stories for distribution in domestic and international markets that touch all demographics and age groups. 


Young Adult-Adult-Diverse Cultures


Without It, Humanity Doesn't Stand A Chance!

Note: Revisions An American led global team of bio-pirates race against time, drug company mercenaries, native rebels, Amazon aboriginal war lords, zombie cannibals and double agents in the hunt to find a rare, poisonous, latex for a serum that will arrest a flesh eating virus that creates the living dead and threatens the extinction of humanity.  © Michael Trachiotis & Fog Town Films 2024


Young Adult-Adult-Native American-Diverse Cultures


Not Your Ordinary Medicine Man!

A bizarre series of seemingly unconnected murders, suicides, abductions and accidents lead FBI agents on a manhunt of a clairvoyant Native American shaman who reluctantly embraces his vision quest to reclaim the dead spirits of the living by intervening and resurrecting their souls so they can fulfill mortal lives. © Michael Trachiotis & Fog Town Films 2024


Young Adult-Adult-Female-Multiple Genders-Diverse Cultures

Rock Drama-Tragedy-Inspiration

Her life Was More Than Rock & Roll. It Was Life & Death!

A drunk, pompous rock star on the downside of her stardom publicly humiliates a young fan, then selfishly attempts to use a dying cancer patient to repair her image, but it is too late, so with a needle in her arm and a bottle in her hand, she glimpses her own fragile mortality, the harm her self-centered actions have wreaked and just as the grim reaper reaches to take her, is given one last chance to change her life and save another. © Michael Trachiotis & Fog Town Films 2024


Teen-Young Adult-Adult-Native American-Diverse Cultures

Superhero-Action-Science Fiction-Adventure

50% Man + 50% T-Rex = 100% Bad Ass!

A teenage Ute paleontologist uncovers mummified eggs of the legendary “Man-Eater,” one hatches, he is bitten then morphs into a 12 foot human dinosaur that must conquer its bestial drive to save his girlfriend and her town from a sadistic motorcycle gang, then from the budding and ravenous adolescent T-Rex. © Michael Trachiotis & Fog Town Films 2024


Adult-Female-Mixed Race-Diverse Cultures


To Catch The Evil, She Became The Offering!

Note: Work In Progress. A New Orleans FBI profiler discovers grisly remains in the post Katrina rubble and soon uncovers a pattern of nearly identical looking young women that have vanished in the first week of every spring since 1830. To capture her prey she transforms into the ideal victim and lures in the immortal couple practicing a primeval Bamba cannibalistic religion, but her plan backfires and to survive she must make the ultimate sacrifice. © Michael Trachiotis & Fog Town Films 2024

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