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Teen-Young Adult-Adult-Female-Diverse Cultures


Every Life Has An End. For Her It Was Just The Beginning!

15 year-old Rebecca “Becca” Shay feels as if she is teetering on the edge of the universe. And she is. For 3000 years, monks have been preparing for the reincarnation of the great healing Buddha Bekandze, who begins to evolve as Becca.

This mystifying metamorphosis causes her to levitate, glow indigo and emit a cobalt aura when she cures terminally ill patients.

So Becca creates a monastery to share her gift with the world, yet many perish waiting for their chance to be saved.

As Becca questions her purpose, she must fend off nefarious scientists who want to control her and her power. Then they try to abduct Becca, but her secret guardian monk rescues her.

They flee to Tibet where Becca learns to finish the transformation, she must fulfill an ancient prophecy and climb to

the summit of Mt. Kalish where she will discover her fate.

© Michael X & Fog Town Films 2020

Story by Judy Bart and Michael X. Original Screenplay by Michael X. Option expired.

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