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A Drama-Supernatural-Mystery-Fantasy-Adventure about a teenage girl who discovers she is the reincarnation of a great mystic healer medicine Buddha, Bekandze, who, in order to heal the world, must fulfill an ancient prophecy and make the ultimate sacrifice.



In a mountain range between India, Tibet and China is Mt. Kalish, the “Healing Mountain” that is a cosmic axis where heaven meets earth and is the center of a spiritual energy that connects with a network of ancient sites -- The Pyramids of Egypt and South America, monoliths on Easter Island and Stonehenge and the North Pole.


Within the mountain is a monastery that is part of a network of passages and temples woven by a primeval civilization and since the dawn of time a group of monks have been preparing for the reincarnation of the healing medicine goddess, Bekandze.

In the winter of 1996, the blue clad holy men rescue Narayan, 8, the first step in a prophecy that leads to Bekandze’s mortal rebirth. Narayan will train over the next ten years to become the protector, teacher and guide for the chosen one, Rebecca Shay.


In 2006, Rebecca Shay is born. She emerges blue and is kept in the hospital for several weeks until she turns to a normal color, under the secret, watchful eye of Narayan. His first assignment is to observe her, but not to interfere with her life unless she is threatened or something occurs to interfere with the prophecy.


So from a distance, he keeps his vigil, as Rebecca grows into a funny, smart, cute 17 year-old teenager. Rebecca’s metamorphosis or awakening into Bekandze starts when she gets in trouble at school and is suspended.


When she returns to school with her science project, a rare blue monarch butterfly in a jar that dies, she feels strange sensations in class as all the dead butterflies begin to reanimate. Rebecca slightly levitates, turns a light cobalt blue and passes out as fluttering butterflies fill the room.


Deemed fine by the doctors, she attends a concert of her favorite band. When the lead singer, Arik, who she has a crush on, gravitates to her in the front row, she turns blue and begins to levitate, causing a small riot, pushing her against the stage.


Narayan, in the shadows as a security guard, looks after her once she is rescued, as the prophecies play out. The next day Arik collapses on stage in another concert and is diagnosed with a life ending heart condition.


Simultaneously, “Blue Girl” becomes an Internet sensation, so Rebecca becomes a recluse, only sneaking out to visit her dying grandmother. In the hospital, Rebecca’s parents bicker, she cannot take it and runs away into a vacant Covid ward. Near death Arik, in a wheel chair, approaches Rebecca who turns cobalt blue, levitates in the lotus position, touches Arik’s hands, emits a bright blue light and heals him.


While her parents, hospital security, police and the “Agency” frantically search for her, Narayan emerges and convinces scared and confused Rebecca to join him, as he will explain everything.


Rebecca and Narayan escape to his apartment and begin her awakening. Narayan shows her the timeline of her life and prophecies in the “Book of Truths” including a picture of the healing goddess Bekandze who is nearly identical to Rebecca.


However, she needs more proof, so they sneak back into hospital and the critical care ward. Rebecca turns blue, levitates, touches the dying patients, and emits the blue halo.


The life monitoring machines beep and crash as near death people sit up. Rebecca collapses into Narayan’s arms as the entire event is on security cameras. Later they watch the footage on the news about her miracle healings as the Agency plans her rescue.


However, the apartment they raid is a double blind. Then her distraught parents plead for her return on social media and the news.


When Rebecca emerges, she convinces her wealthy father to turn their mansion and vast property into a healing monastery with Arik, Narayan, her friends and family as supporters. Rebecca sets up the convent where ailing people can be healed.


However, thousands of people pilgrimage from around the world to be cured, waiting in a several mile long line. Since Rebecca can only heal a few at a time, not all are cured because it is impossible for her to reach everyone. Now begins the ascension as Narayan sneaks her out of the country and to the monastery at Healing Mountain.


At the monastery, Rebecca learns to become Bekandze, she must travel to the peak and invisible pyramid at the summit of the Healing Mountain, in the dead of winter. Narayan knows this is his death trip and, as foreseen, sacrifices his life so she can continue the ascent.


Rebecca’s beliefs, will, determination and survival skills are pushed to the limits, however she reaches the chamber in the point of the pyramid and at the precise moment, the prophecy is fulfilled.


The skies clear and the clouds part as Rebecca, glowing cobalt blue, rises in her healing

lotus position above the altar.


The heavens open, as planets align, and a cosmic beam of white light strikes the mortal Rebecca, initiating the transformation into the spiritual healing Goddess, Bekandze. The metamorphosis releases her healing blue light into the stratosphere that covers the world in a thin blue layer, like a cocoon -- then it dissipates in the atmosphere.


Miraculously, Rebecca’s transformation left her alive, however she is mortal. After she is rescued and awakes from her coma, she learns humanity is moving toward harmony. Now Becca understands that her sacrifice was giving up her supernatural strength to heal the living world.

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