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Young Adult-Adult-Diverse Cultures


Without It Humanity Doesn't Stand A Chance!

Bio-pirates retrieve a deadly, zombie anti-toxin used by native Malaysian tribes to paralyze their enemies, from the remote jungle for a serum to halt a rapidly spreading flesh-eating-virus.

But a mysterious fire razes the lab before the vials can be distributed, so this forces the American led, international team of military scientists back into the dense rain forest. 


However, this time they must battle a man eating tiger, ruthless drug company mercenaries, greedy native rebels, protective aboriginal war lords and hidden double agents as they hunt down and extract the rare tropical latex for the vaccine necessary to halt the lethal pandemic and prevent the extinction of humanity.

© Michael X & Fog Town Films 2020

Story by Judy Bart and Michael X. Original Screenplay by Michael X. Option Expired.

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