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Once Upon A Time In San Francisco | AR Postcard | © Michael X
and Fog Town Films 2021
The Black Hatchet | AR Animation + Michael X Promo Film |
© Michael X and Fog Town Films 2021

Young Adult-Adult-English-Chinese-Diverse Cultures

International-Epic-Action-Adventure-Thriller-Marital Arts-History-Disaster

Episode/Film I – The Black Hatchet

To find absolution, a guilt driven cowboy who lives by frontier law must track down his shanghaied sister and mercilessly punish the vicious Hatchetmen who abducted her by raining 1906 San Francisco Barbary Coast alleys with their blood – and body parts.

Episode/Film II – The Werewolf Monk

The Hatchet, his bride and friend, an Okwanuchu warrior, voyage to Shanghai, unite with the Hatchet’s tutor, the Shaolin “Werewolf” Monk Grand Master, then use an ancient map of old Shanghai to navigate a deadly maze into the Green Dragon’s lair where they savagely dissect his disciples to free his sister.

Episode/Film III - The Green Dragon

In an ambush, the Dragon snares his sister and wife, then high-tails it to smoldering San Francisco, stalked by the Monk and Hatchet who surgically exterminate ruthless bounty hunters, feral street gangs and a legion of Hatchetmen in a race to liberate his sister and wife before they are auctioned to sex peddlers.

Original Story, Feature Film, Screenplays, Graphic Novel & Game Trilogy © Michael X & Fog Town Films 2020

Once Upon A Time In San Francisco Black Hatchet PreVision Comic Book by Michael X
The Black Hatchet | PreVision Comic Front Cover |
© Michael X and Fog Town Films 2021
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